Jennifer Franks

Jennifer Franks
Project Architect

In the end it’s not about a building; it’s about building The Body of Christ.

Jennifer Franks wanted to be an architect for as long as she can remember. A National Merit Scholar, Jennifer earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture from University of Virginia and completed her Master’s, graduating with distinction from the University of Michigan.

Combining her skill in design and her passion for Christ is a dream come true for Jennifer. With more than a decade of design experience, she joined Midwest in 2005 as a project architect. Since that time, Jennifer has provided creative design solutions for church facilities ranging from sixty-thousand dollars to over eight million dollars.

Ask Jennifer what she loves most about being part of the team at Midwest and she will tell you it’s our integrated approach to church construction. “We don’t design in a vacuum. I love being able to walk next door and talk to the people who are actually going to build what we’re designing.”

Jennifer and her husband Dave live in Grand Rapids, Ohio with their children Joy, Caleb and Kristin. In their occasional spare time you will find them gardening or serving in their local church.