Hey, How Are You Doing?

Ask anyone how they are doing and you hear the same answer over and over…


We all seem to be trying to accomplish too much in too little time with too little to show for all our effort. Our breakneck pace has consequences that show up in our mental, physical, and relational health; yet, it’s our relationships that are the very antidote for stress and loneliness.  


Wanna Meet for Coffee?

Yes, let’s meet for coffee. Let’s just sit together and talk, share our thoughts on a book, or pray for each other. Sounds wonderful, right? Sadly, many people feel that they don’t have the time for this kind of quiet, intentional connection.

In his book, The Great Good Place, author Ray Oldenburg talks about three places that important in our lives.

First Place: home

Second Place: work

Third Place: somewhere to socialize

More and more, churches are seeing the vital need for including a “third place” in their lobby. Coffee spaces. Large groups of people are already showing up on Sunday mornings and various times throughout the week, why not give them a space to sit and connect with each other?  The church can provide an opportunity for people to take a break from their fast-paced, over-stimulated life–a place to find peace and healing, as they interact, share, laugh, and pray with each other.


Design with Coffee in Mind

We are seeing a positive trend in the church design + construction business where coffee truly is becoming a design element.  Churches are planning for coffee spaces because it adds another ministry opportunity. If you’re looking for more ways to engage and connect people in a church, consider adding space in your lobby.  Definitely add it to your building and/or expansion plans, but in the meantime…add a coffee maker, some cups, and some conversational seating. Then, cue your church’s most popular characters to hang out before and after service. See what happens.  

“People + Time + Physical Space = Relationships”