Blog articles and resources that add value to your church building process.

Brightening Your Lobby’s Outlook

Your church lobby is often the first thing people see when they step inside. Is it time to brighten things up? Does your lobby give people an immediate feeling of who you are as a church? Here are just a few simple,...

Finding the Way…Into Your Building

GPS has revolutionized way-finding for most of us. Name a place or address and away you go. No need to try to read a map or hunt for street signs while going 50mph. Too bad we can’t use that technology to help visitors navigate from the parking lot into the building....

Coffee Is A Design Element

Hey, How Are You Doing? Ask anyone how they are doing and you hear the same answer over and over… BUSY! We all seem to be trying to accomplish too much in too little time with too little to show for all our effort. Our breakneck pace has consequences that show up in...

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